Nitric Acid

Nitric Acid has the chemical composition of HNO3 and is a highly corrosive and strong oxidizing agent. This colourless-yellow solution which is also known as Aqua Fortis is used as an analytic reagent and in many organic synthesis. Nitric acid is mainly used in the mining industry for the purification of platinum, gold and other precious metals.


  • Nitric Acid is available in the Following UN Approved / Certified Packaging of:
  • HM HDPE UN Approved New Carboys of 35 Kgs Net
  • HM HDPE UN Approved New Drums of 280 Kgs Net / 300 Kgs Net
  • HM HDPE UN Approved New IBC Tanks of 1400 Kgs Net / 1350 Kgs Net