Sulphuric Acid

Sulphuric acid is a clear colourless liquid that is used extensively in the chemical industry world wide due to its unique properties. Sulphuric acid can be obtained in various concentrations and is used largely for metallurgical processes in the mining industry. Sulphuric acid is also used for several synthetic processes for the production of other chemicals.

Surya Chemicals supplies sulphuric acid in various concentrations and quantities for the general and industrial nationally and internationally. 


Pack sizes range from 25 litre’s to 1000 litre IBC’s and bulk tanker loads.
  • HM HDPE UN Approved New Carboys of 40 Kgs Net
  • HM HDPE UN Approved New Drums of 280 Kgs Net
  • UN Approved IBC Tanks of 1400 litres