We have created a niche market for ourselves in the Mining Industry, especially the gold and copper mining sector. We are now the undisputed leader in the supply of all the chemicals and reagents that go into the metallurgy of gold recovery using all the commercially applicable technologies in use Globally. We are committed to provide superior quality products to our customers, supported by strong technical expertise. Currently we serve Gold mines in Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Copper and Cobalt mines in Zambia and DRC and many other mines in South Africa, Ghana and Mali and we are continuing to expand. 

We have collaboration with the world’s largest manufacturers of Sodium Cyanide, Caustic Soda Flakes, Activated Carbon, Xanthates, Flocculants, Sodium Metabisulphite, Hydrochloric Acid and other chemicals used in the mining industry. 

We are in a position to handle large quantity of each of above products at any given time and hence we are able to guarantee uninterrupted supply to all our clients and always at the best price. 

We have the required licenses to handle such toxic substances and are able to advise our clients on safety issues when the need arises. These are some of the chemicals we can provide: 

Products used :